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Built-Up Letters

Bold, bright and striking, Built-Up Letters, or 3D Letters as they are sometimes referred to as, are an extremely popular type of signage, meaning they are becoming a common sight on commercial properties throughout all industry sectors.

All our Built-Up Letters are manufactured in-house with a mix of traditional skills and modern technologies.

Fabricated mainly out of aluminium, we use an Accubend Channel Letter Bender to ensure extrusion can be cut accurately and efficiently. Our team of makers then manipulate materials to the desired shape and font.

Common types of fabricated Built-Up Letters include the Classic 3D, Rim and Return, Halo Illuminated, Face Illuminated and Cabochon (fairground) lighting.

As with all our manufactured signage products, Letters can be finished to a RAL colour of choice.

Did you know? We have a range of technical datasheets designed to give you and your customers an understanding of how we manufacture these types of signs, request your PDF copies now.

Datasheets: Classic 3D | Halo Illuminated | Rim and Return


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